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    What results is a growing collection of memories of our past and inspirations for our future


    What Happens at Rainbow Gathering

    There are as many definitions of Rainbow Gatherings as there are people who’ve been to one! However, a Rainbow Gathering is essentially a temporary intentional community, an experiment in communal living. We all work together as a collective to make the gathering run smoothly, sharing our knowledge, skills and joy together. Recently, gatherings in Australia last for about a month, with set-up (called Seed Camp) starting about a week earlier, and pack down / clean up for a week after the official end date. The peak of the gathering is the Full Moon.

    Besides the work that goes on to help the gathering happen, there’s also lots of acoustic music, drumming, dancing, workshops, council circles, sister circles, brother circles, gender circles, people hanging out, people enjoying nature, people meditating, chanting, and praying, people talking politics, people talking spiritual and personal growth, people visioning the future, people doing bodywork and other healing work.

    We have a tribal anarchy where we take care of each other, because we recognise that we are all One. The Gathering works because each of us takes the responsibility for doing what needs to be done, and for teaching others what we know.

    A video of the an American gathering called “We Love You” documents the 2008 Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming and can be seen here



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    Rainbow Gatherings are temporary intentional communities, typically held in outdoor settings, and espousing and practising ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community, as a consciously expressed alternative to mainstream popular culture, consumerism, capitalism and mass media.

    Rainbow Gatherings and the Rainbow Family of Living Light (usually abbreviated to “Rainbow Family”) are an expression of a Utopian impulse, combined with bohemianism, free thought and hippie culture, with roots clearly traceable to the 1960s counter culture.

    Aside from taking up collections (the “Magic Hat” in Rainbow parlance) for essential items purchased from the local community, there is little or no exchange of currency internally at a Gathering.

    Talking circles are also a feature of rainbow gatherings. Each participant in the circle talks in turn while all others present listen in silence. A stick or feather is passed from person to person around the circle to mark his role as the speaker. If one doesn’t wish to speak, s/he may hold or pass the stick in silence